Computer Repair

We can help you with all your computer repair needs. From dc power jack replacement to screen replacement, we are here to help.

Computer and Electronic Recycling

Don’t let your old computer sit in a landfill. Davis Computer Repair will properly recycle your computer free of charge.

Computer Virus Removal

We provide Virus Protection plans for everyone. Keep your computer virus free with Davis Computer Repairs Protection Plans.

One Stop Desktop and Laptop Repair

Hardware Repair

We can help you with most of your electronic repair needs. DC Power Jack, Screen Replacement, Hinge Replacement, Hard Drive Failure, Data Recovery, Over Heating, and other computer repairs.


Software Repair

Whether you need a Virus Removal or Computer Tune up, we can fix software problems on either mac or pc. We can reinstall operation systems, fix errors and other pop ups. We are here to help with your computer repair needs.


Computer Training

Did you get some fancy new software and need to learn how to use it, or do you just need a little help with word or excel. We offer a wide range a computer training. From online videos, group learning sessions or one on one help.

Computer Recycling

Don’t let that old computer, console, phone, tablet or box of cables end up in the land fill. We offer FREE recycling services to help you clean house and keep the trash empty.

Get Help Today

If you need help or just have a questions feel free to contact us. We are here to help.