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There are many different ways and services that allow you to backup your computer. There are some that are hands on, and some that are hands off. Our personal favorite is the hands off method. Our favorite service to do this is the built in features of windows or mac and backblaze

Windows has backup and restore while MacOS (OSx) has timemachine.

Once those are setup and running, backblaze will backup everything to the cloud for you. You’ll need a external hard drive for setting up your computers build it backup, our favorites are listed below.

1TB External Hard Drive

2TB External Hard Drive


Sometime it is better to make a external hard drive, as you can get better parts. When making an external drive for storage, you should use a western digital red nas drive, if it is for more general use, you should use a western digital black. Then you put the drive in an enclosure. Here is what I suggest.